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Tooran Masoumi - Get to Know our Entrepreneur

Tooran is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care. But she started to take an interest in other ways of treating people. She has realized that suffering can start for longtime before patient reaches the intensive care stage.
Continue reading this post to get to know our CMO better.

tooran masoumi interview

10 Tips from Doctors to Slim Down without Dieting

Losing weight quickly, although exciting, can affect your body health and can be very hard to maintain. The most efficient way to keep your weight loss permanently is to get slim slowly. Such goal can be reached without going on hard and rough diets. You will only need to make simple changes in your lifestyle in order to get & stay thin.

lose weight without dieting

Top 12 Sports that Burn the Most Calories

If you are trying to burn calories and lose weight, doing sports will be an essential part of your plan. Here we have listed 12 sports among all that burn the most calories and can be done on both amateur and professional levels.

sports that burn the most calories