Top 12 Sports that Burn the Most Calories

sports that burn the most calories

Top 12 Sports that Burn the Most Calories

If you are trying to burn calories and lose weight, doing sports will be an essential part of your plan. Here we have listed 12 sports among all that burn the most calories and can be done on both amateur and professional levels.

  1. BOXING - 800 to 1000 KCAL PER HOUR
  2. No, boxing is not a sport for men! More and more popular among women, boxing is aimed at hyperactive people who need to let off steam. This contact sport (to be practiced in a club) works all the muscles of the body to quickly refine the entire silhouette.

  3. SQUASH - 800 KCAL PER HOUR on average
  4. Want to let off steam? Squash is perfect for you! It also improves reflexes and endurance while strengthening the heart. Not recommended, however, if you suffer from heart problems.

  5. KAYAK - 800 to 900 KCAL PER HOUR
  6. It is "the" summer sport to practice to refine! Canoeing burns a maximum of calories per hour while engaging all muscle chains in the body. We therefore refine everywhere, without forgetting to have fun with family or friends.

  8. Do you have a taste for effort? Cross-country skiing is a very complete sport, which combines physical expenditure and pleasure in nature. It uses almost all muscles! Very physical, especially when it's cold, it forces the body to spend a lot of calories.

  9. RUNNING - 700 to 900 KCAL PER HOUR
  10. Hyper fashionable, running makes it possible in particular to refine the bottom: buttocks, thighs, hips ... But beware: although very widespread, running requires good equipment (good shoes, especially) and is to be avoided in cases of osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

  11. SWIMMING - 600 to 900 KCAL PER HOUR
  12. As long as you swim at a sustained pace and focus on swimming that burns a maximum of calories (butterfly, crawl, etc.), swimming is an excellent slimming sport that allows you to refine everywhere. In addition, thanks to the lift of the water, the efforts required of the body are less important: it is "the" sport to be favored in the event of obesity or joint disorders.

  13. ROLLER - 600 to 1000 KCAL PER HOUR
  14. Roller skating (like skating) is an excellent alternative when you want to lose weight and refine your bottom (waist, thighs, hips, or buttocks). Warning: it is essential to be well equipped because the risk of fracture is real. We prefer the slopes adapted to this sporting activity and we do not forget to hydrate during the session.

  15. BIKE - 500 to 850 KCAL PER HOUR
  16. Family activity par excellence, the "pleasure" bike (note: without sprinting) burns up to 850 Kcal per hour, or the equivalent of a pizza. This outdoor sport, which can also be practiced indoors, mainly allows you to sculpt a nice buttocks and refine the thighs.

  17. CLIMBING - 500 to 750 KCAL PER HOUR
  18. Advice to adventurers: climbing is a slimming sport that allows you to refine the whole figure and especially the upper body (stomach, arms, etc.) while working on concentration and flexibility. It can be practiced outdoors or indoors, and there are courses for all ages and all levels.

  19. ZUMBA - 500 to 750 KCAL PER HOUR
  20. Let off steam, lose weight, have fun, work on your coordination, etc. We can go on and count the benefits of zumba, a sporting activity as fun as it is effective for losing weight. It is intended for dance enthusiasts, of course, but also for fans of invigorating sports.

  21. BADMINTON - 400 to 600 KCAL PER HOUR
  22. If they are not the most calorie-intensive, team sports are certainly the least dangerous for health since the sessions are generally supervised by professionals and adapted to the levels of the participants.

    Badminton, volleyball, basketball and football burn between 400 Kcal and 600 Kcal per hour. Water polo can go up to 800 Kcal per hour and handball, more demanding, up to 900 Kcal per hour!

  23. WALKING - 250 to 500 KCAL PER HOUR
  24. Accessible to all, sport walking (or "brisk walking") is a good sport to start a slimming process: all the muscles of the body are called upon gently and the caloric expenditure is not negligible. A little more technical, Nordic walking and Afghan walking are also a little more energy intensive.

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