Month: September 2022

World Heart Day

Sep 29 , 2022 by EMPWellness Admin World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year. It was created by the World Heart Federation. The first World Heart Day took place back in 2000. The aim is to improve health globally by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education internationally about ways …

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Sep 14 , 2022 by EMPWellness Admin A common condition, endometriosis is a painful condition that can impact your everyday life. When you have endometriosis, tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows in other places within your abdomen and pelvic area. Endometriosis can cause painful and heavy periods, as well as fertility issues. …


In Vitro Fertilization

Sep 3 , 2022 by EMPWellness Admin IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a type of fertility treatment where eggs are combined with sperm outside of your body in a lab. It’s a method used by people who need help achieving pregnancy. IVF involves many complex steps and is an effective form of assisted reproductive technology …

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