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Integrated Care

Employee-centric medical records system

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Available around the day. At your service, 24/7

Better ROI

Offer programs that have better ROIs to employers

Private and Secure

In compliance with HIPAA and PHIPA

Polished User Experience

A UX that is easy-to-use and modern

Personalized Care

Recognizing that every patient has their own journey and needs

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How it works (For Employees/Patients)

Employees sign up on the web application using the credentials that are given to them by their employer. When signed in, they can access their care coach via text, call or video chat. The platform allows patients to upload their specialist referrals, manage their prescriptions and educate themselves about different health conditions. Designated care coaches can book an appointment for the employees to talk to Nurse Practitioners on staff to further answer employee’s questions when needed.

  1. Referrals and Prescription Management: Let us book the fastest and most convenient appointment for you. Get your primary care doctor to fax your referral or prescription directly to us or give you a copy so you can upload it on our platform.
  2. Chronic Conditions Management: Read through your curated list of evidence-based and peer-reviewed material. Ask our Nurse Practitioners and Care Coaches to help you to get educated about your or your loved one’s health conditions.
  3. Resource Mapping: Our healthcare system can be confusing! Some services are covered by the public system. Certain service are covered with extended health services. Our care coaches help your employees to use what’s available to them efficiently.

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