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Nov 5, 2021 by EMPWellness Admin

Healthcare navigation can support a better member experience, lead to more intelligent employee healthcare decisions, and help employers curb healthcare costs. Moreover, with the rampant spread of a new virus, it has become clear that the public needs expert guidance around the healthcare system through healthcare navigators.

Here are some of the benefits healthcare navigations can have on patients, companies, and society.

1- Improved Quality of Care

Unlike traditional health professionals, healthcare navigators have a patient-centered approach, which allows them to interact with patients on an emotional level. Thus, resulting in a proactive and well-informed patient or consumer.

2- Reduced healthcare Expenses

With a knowledgeable individual to guide patients, they will not have to lose their money in treatments and therapies that they do not need. They can clearly communicate with their healthcare provider and be given all the options available for them, making their payment worthwhile.

3- Removed Disparities in Healthcare

Despite living in the 21st century, health disparities (race, ethnicity, gender, age, and socio-economic standing) still hinder access to quality healthcare and medical services. But navigators, especially those working within their local environment, can bridge the gap between social minorities and the healthcare system.

4- An increase in the Healthcare Organization’s Customer Satisfaction

Navigators had also helped healthcare organizations lower their expenses and even up their return on investment by 1:10. They greatly contributed to these organizations’ improvement, especially when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

The presence and skills of a healthcare navigator make health companies more trusting and credible. Their transparency to customers and patient-centered approach makes for a more friendly relationship with consumers and beneficiaries.

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The presence of a trusted healthcare navigator can:

Health navigation is known as peer navigation and patient navigation, and can share similar approaches to some care coordination and case management interventions. There is no standard definition of navigation because each navigation program targets the specific needs of clients in the local context.

Health navigation services can be divided into two distinct categories:

Most health navigation programs provide the following services:

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