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April 12, 2021 by EMPWellness Admin

Biography of Tooran Masoumi

Tooran is 49 years old. She was born in Iran, her father was a former customs officer which taught her to be very disciplined, rigorous and serious in what she does. Her mother was a housewife. She gave Tooran all the love a little girl might need and she taught her to love all people. She is fortunate to have a wonderful daughter and a great husband.

Since she has known herself, she has been passionate about medicine and has done everything to make all dreams of her childhood come true. Currently, she is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care.

The intensive care unit is not well known by people. After saving each life, we feel relieved and proud, but after each failure we keep questioning ourselves.” Tooran says.

To relieve herself of all this stress, she does some exercises such as tennis and ski.

For sometimes, she has started to take an interest in other ways of treating people. She has realized that suffering can start for longtime before patient reaches the intensive care stage.

Chance and luck helped her find herself with passionate and intelligent friends who had similar ideas. With Ramin, Mihan, and Goli, they are a tight-knit team.

This is the start of a great project that they call it EMP WELLNESS. It is a company whose vocation is to take care of the health and well-being of its customers from A to Z. As everyone knows, a company cannot survive, if it neglects the business side. That’s why the team did a thorough market research in Iran and Canada.

In Iran the team used the company called Iran Implant House, which already existed under the direction of Doctor Ramin Jamshidi. By making some modifications, it has been adapted to team’s future project. Using Iranian experience, two years ago the team began to invest heavily in EMP Wellness project in Canada.

It is a new life that has been beginning, and Tooran believes with all her heart that it will have many benefits for both Canadian society and themselves.


1. Tooran, would you like to introduce yourself first in a few words?

My name is Tooran Masoumi, I am 49 years old and I am an anesthetist. I am currently working in an intensive care unit at Dena Hospital in Shiraz. I am married and have a 13 year old daughter.


2. How did you get involved in the EMP Wellness project?

While working in the hospital I realized how much patients can be lost in the medical process at the psychological, intellectual and financial level. With my husband, who is a dental surgeon and who studied in France, we noticed that even in developed countries patients have more or less similar problems.

My husband is a former friend of Dr Ramin Jamshidi, we decided to create a kind of EMP Wellness embryo using the Iran Implant House company which already existed under the leadership of Dr Jamshidi.


3. What is your responsibility at EMP Wellness?

Being a doctor who was in frequent contact with patients and their families, sometimes in very critical conditions, I became the CMO of the organization.


4. Who are EMP WELLNESS’s customers and how can technology help you?

We have a wide range of customers. This could concern a single person, a family or small, medium and big companies.

As our business grows, we will have more and more data to manage and this can only be done through computer technology and artificial intelligence.

In situations of medical distress, the first instinct is to do research on google or it suffices to do research on a simple headache, the poor person can be with a possibility of brain tumor. We can imagine the stress that can be suffered the person concerned. With an intelligent system supervised by a person in the medical profession, it is obvious that in the first place we can calm the patient and then refer him to a specialist. Of course, our team will support the patient in these sometimes very complicated situations.


5. In what way can you help your clients to be autonomous when using your services?

As I said before, computer technology and artificial intelligence are a big help. So we are going to create home screens and platforms that are very easy to use.

But I must focus that our company does not intend to leave our customers alone in front of the computer screen. We will always be there to help them, and we must not neglect human contacts.


6. What is your biggest difficulty in improving your business?

We are developing our business in Iran, knowing that the end goal is to adjust to Canadian society. We’re putting a lot of energy into it and I’m sure we’ll get there.


7. How could a society be happier?

I think health and wellness have four pillars:

      • The physique of the individual must be in a good situation.
      • The mind of the individual must feel well in his head.
      • The social place that each occupies, should be beneficial for society.
      • The financial side has to meet its needs.

Our goal in EMP Wellness is to create a balance between these four pillars for each of our clients and help them whenever they ask us to.

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